Dr. Klaus Juergen von Sachsenhausen

Distinguished older gentleman. Walks with a silver and ebony walking stick.


Male, 5’10" tall, 160 lbs., 52 years of age, fair skin, steel grey hair, hazel eyes, medium build.

Dr. Klaus is does not look wealthy by any means, but he is well-dressed and neat. He is cerebral, logical, but outgoing and friendly. He is insatiably curious, especially about the unknown or unexplained. His curiosity usually overrides his natural fear, and he sometimes tends to be foolhardy. He has a curiosity about the occult, but only because he knows that all of it can be logically explained by science in some way – even if that scientific knowledge has yet to be discovered.

Currently on Sabbatical Leave from Princeton, for the purpose of researching and writing a book on new theories of interdimensional physics and their affect on the third dimension (which we inhabit). Also “on loan” to Miskatonic University as an adjunct professor – teaches and/or lectures on occasion, but has no regular, defined schedule. Has published several papers on theoretical physics, to mixed reviews. Has no current romantic ties and has never married. “I’m married to my work,” he often says. Born in Frankfurt, Germany to the owner of a well-established shipping company and his well educated wife (from a prominent family.) Graduated from the Heidelberg University in 1928 with honors. Was Heidelberg University biathlon champion in 1927 (skiing and shooting), and runner-up in 1928. Worked in various research projects in Germany. Both of his parents were killed in WW II. He emigrated to the United States shortly after the war ended. His only known family is a younger sister, whom he has not seen or spoken to since he left Germany. (It is publically unknown exactly if he ever had any affiliation with the Nazi Party or not during WW II. There has been speculation from time to time, but each time he has been fully cleared and has stated publically many times that he disagreed with the party and kept his distance from everything they did.)

Dr. Klaus Juergen von Sachsenhausen

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