Newton Haversham

A slight, balding man with glasses. Wears clothing that is about three years out of date.


Newton runs The Enchanted Forrest, the local “oddball store” which is how most of the townspeople refer to it. In reality, Newton sells old books; novelties like you’d see in the back of a comic book; comic books; magic gear, elaborate get-ups; candy; 8mm movies; some toys; and basically what a 1950’s comic book store would have.

Newton lives in a carriage house apartment attached to a small house. His mom and aunt live in the house. Newton is currently single; probably perpetually unless he finds a like-minded girlfriend. Newton owns a Vespa scooter and is very good at driving it.

Newton is also a pretty good amateur photographer. He has a darkroom in the back of the store, as well as one in his apartment, where he can develop his pictures. He also has an 8mm movie camera for recording action.

Mother and Auntie watch television (which Newton abhors except for certain sci-fi programs and the “news”), read gossip and celebrity magazines, and dress their twin Pekingnese dogs, Sasha and Mr. Truffles, in clothes….every day. Also, the dogs hate Newton and try to bite him every time he is near them, even if he’s trying to be nice. They love everyone else.


Newton Haversham

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