Call of Cthulhu

Homerun or Running Home?

Crazy Happenings

So, Mack tells me to run this stiff's car over to the library on campus. It's raining cats and dogs and I can'tsee much so I decided to wait in the parking lot to deliver the car.

What a mistake….I should have called Eddie and ditched this joint. What happens next can't be scratched from my eyeballs. This massive dude flies out the window and crashed into the windshield. He's deader than a door nail. Next his big brother, old crazy legs jumps out the window and runs like a crazy wild man….not too far from the truth.

I get mixed up qith these wierd doctors and a really cool cat named Haversnicks or some such. Had an awesome shop full of stuff from my youth and a few oddities. Him and I will be friends fast, I think. He doesn't know who I am and I like that. If he were a dame at Mickey's, I might think differently, but hes a cool cat and I think Hupperstein and i will get along just swell.

Long story made short, we chased the neanderthal across the state it seems, found a few real stiffs and then got into a huge fight. I got tagged pretty good by that gorilla and my jaw still hurts, I won'tforget that. I left him a bruise though, nice and big alright. I got a chance to whack old 44 upside his nugget and set the score at even. I hit him so hard he can't even talk now. I feel bad for the lout, but he pulled ahead early and I had to bring the team back.

Something crazy was trying to come out of this, well, I really don't know what to call it, I guess, a rip in the sky. Crazy rows and rows of gnashing teeth and all these crazy mouths….maybe that part was a bad dream. My jaw tells me every morning that me and old boy went a round or two…..that is about as crazy as I can handle.



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